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sarvarik200x200I admit, I’m also in my fifties. Because of my age and my occupational interests, I’ve come to know many hotels in the past decades. Not just as a hotelier, a traveling agent or an airline worker, but also as a GUEST. Among them I experienced Hungarian and European hotels as well as hotels across the ocean, seaside and city hotels, business and wellness hotels. Some were cheaper, others more expensive, some were three, four or even five star hotels.

Because of this I can safely say that I have experience in this area. I think, this is what I’ve seen, this is what people of my generation, those in their fifties, have experienced. Over the years they have come to know many types of accommodations, they have passed through and rested in many hotels.

They have experiences and know what they want and what they expect from a week or two of R&R or from a weekend. They are those among us whose children have already left the nest, who don’t spend their time, energy and money on raising youths. Although we could always use more money, most of my generation are already in a financially stable position. They work, they’re active, and most importantly, they already have time to themselves.

We would like to cater to the needs of those over fifty. IT IS MY HOPE THAT OUR HOTEL IS THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR YOU AS WELL.

Krisztina Sárvári, Hotel Director

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“We don’t relinquish things because we become middle aged, rather the opposite: we become middle aged because we relinquished things.”


Well, our customers are those middle aged ladies and gentlemen who do not “relinquish things” but who enjoy the time they can finally spend on themselves and cherish it as a gift.

One of the best parts about this time of life is that we don’t come second to anyone, we can be the first priority in our own lives. Dear Fiftysomethings, here’s your shot at adventure! This is just the beginning of sweet life. Cosmetic treatments are no longer squeezed between a parent-teacher conference and the kid’s karate lesson. Here with us at the Duna Relax, you step into our beauty empire in a soft bathrobe and let us pamper and charm you between sessions of aqua fitness training and wonderful, meditative mandala creation. There is no rushing or being late, only comfort and peace; in other words, relaxation.

Our guests in their fifties are more akin to being forever young rather than being middle aged or aging. They are well-groomed, genial and stylish. We’re here to help hoodwink time at this age, since rest and comfort and a dash of luxury comprise an excellent recipe for the continued longevity of being forever young.

There are studies that state that those in their fifties have less stress and that they are less hostile towards others or towards life compared to those who are a little younger.

They are happier, they worry less and feel better than they did a few years earlier. They do not feel that they have irrevocably changed, quite the contrary: those in their fifties are more themselves than they ever were when they were younger, when so much pressure surrounded them to measure up.

Almost all of them engage in new sports activities, start learning new languages, become passionate about healthy lifestyles and traveling and they discover new hobbies for themselves.

And why shouldn’t they? They are active, fit and healthy! Would you believe that many of your favorite celebs are over fifty? There are more than a few singers and actors over fifty whose talent still makes us swoon. And it’s not just the ladies whose rhythm of life has changed in the past decades. Men don’t have the look of grandpas over fifty, in fact, they are charming and energetic gentlemen and inside them undoubtedly their youthful selves are still there. A perfect example of this is Gordon Ramsay, who decided to get a tattoo close to his fifties.

Truthfully it wasn’t just any tattoo that he got, but an Ironman logo, since he plans to participate in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon next year. The plan isn’t without merit, seeing as over the past ten years Gordon has completed the marathon distance ten times and even now he works out relentlessly.

A few decades ago, ladies and gentlemen, these were unimaginable things, were they not? Just as the countless activities and pampering services our wellness hotel offers.


Become our guest and begin a fantastic time traveling journey with days of restful wellness with us in our ancient Roman wellness empire. You won’t need your passport for this sojourn, since this amazing empire lies within the walls of our hotel.

Here you can discover what caldarium, tepidarium and laconium means and experience them in the process while reliving the opulent life of ancient Rome’s aristocracy.

In our beauty parlor we await you with massages and treatments that invoke Roman gods and goddesses.

Try the goddess Aphrodite’s beautifying facial treatment and Venus’ cleansing facial treatment and our special Roman massages, such as Lucifer’s diabolically refreshing massage, Fortuna’s massage with grapeseed oil, the secrets of Neptune, the god of the seas, or Silvanus’, protector of the forest’s therapy course.

Read more about ancient Roman wellness here


Movement is a Blessings, as an Old Saying Goes


It always feels good to exercise a little after relaxing, which strengthens muscles and refreshes the body.

Would you care to master Power Training, an exercise movement form that uses one’s own body weight? Or would you rather participate in our Pilates activity, or join our table tennis tournament? Water is the most pleasant medium of exercise. With us you not only can swim in the silky waters of our pools, but you can also implement the aqua fitness activity into your days; perhaps you might take a long walk in the area with the guidance of our animators, since Ráckeve guards countless secrets and historical memories, and it entices us to embark on cultural adventures.

We Won’t Stop – Active Programs Near the Hotel


Nordic walking

Undoubtedly you have heard of Nordic walking, one of the most popular sports in recent years that moves the entire body, yet doesn’t overtax it. Perhaps you have already tried it out? Either way, it promises to be an excellent activity, a light “stick-excursion” in the area with the guidance of our animator.

Visiting the marketplace together – or even alone – is a true curiosity, since on Wednesdays and Saturdays vendors and customers arrive by boat to the promenade. It’s a special sight to watch boats arrive packed with fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s worthwhile to taste the artisan foods, delicious homemade cheeses, jams, honey, syrups, and the spicy Serbian delicacy, ajvar, which is a spicy fried pepper paste. It’s impossible to resist purchasing a bite or two with the scent of fresh, homemade foods wafting around to entice every passerby.


If the sight of the marketplace boats inspire you to take a water tour, our hotel’s canoes are at your disposal. This portion of the Little Danube has flood gates installed on both of its ends, so you can row your boat on these waters knowing it’s safe and free of disturbances.


Of course, we offer water excursions for those who prefer to enjoy the comfort and the beauty of the landscape while they sit back and relax with our outing boats on this placid stretch of river, named the Zsófia, which can carry 8 to 12 people and the Klára, which has the capacity for a larger group.

This region also has delicious wines to taste. The famous Gaál Winery, with its acclaimed exquisite wines, is not far from us. It’s worth sampling and even perhaps purchasing from their selection. Our hotel also offers an assortment of succulent red and white wines from the region.

Inner Harmony – The Key to Beauty


Even the name of the Duna Relax & Event Hotel expresses calm, and no one deserves that calm better than the generation in their fifties, and they are also those who can afford to enjoy it. Today’s mature, fiftysomething ladies are in that age where they may be more interesting and more attractive than their younger counterparts, because they have an appeal that emanates into their environment. The kids have left the nest and they are offered a new opportunity to reinvent themselves and to fulfill themselves, as well as opportunities to do things they never had enough time for before. A lot of people choose new pursuits and relaxing, harmonious activities, by which they maintain their physical and emotional beauty and freshness. Yoga is particularly popular, as well as meditation. Try both of these in our hotel and practice them during your weekdays also. If you have any artistic inclinations or interests, and you have a little patience for creative artwork, or if you wish to nurture such qualities in yourself, then mandala creation is for you. Immerse yourself in the creation of spectacular images out of colorful sand and step onto the tranquil path of Tibetan monks. This is a special kind of meditation, too.

Style and Beauty Advice

Learn which colors, strokes and styles are becoming for you and heighten the emphasis on your best qualities, so that you can feel more beautiful and younger. The Duna Relax & Event Hotel’s style advisor will explore these little “tricks” together with you and will create a personalized plan for you. Just like a personal stylist. All of this will be supplemented with lifestyle advice. Isn’t it great? Make our hotel the starting point for a new period in your life and return to us regularly to celebrate your successes, to refresh yourself and to recharge your energies.

Rendezvous with Sunshine – Our Fresh and Green Garden of Harmony

Every season has its charm, but spring and summer are indisputably our garden’s most beautiful seasons. When the first spring rays dance on the lush green leaves of bushes and on colorful flowers, it’s time for you to do a little energizing sunbathing in our Garden of Harmony, too. Lean back comfortably in one of our beach chairs, close your eyes and listen to the birds sing and the balmy susurration of the tree leaves, and feel the fresh spring energies course through your body and soul, filling them with pure energy after the long winter.

And as soon as summer’s heat reaches our garden, it transforms into a cozy beach filled with cheerful murmurs. In the cool waters of our pools which deepen like a seashore and are equipped with experience creating features, even a heat spell can be enjoyable. The beach is lined with sunshades, canopies and sunbathing hammock swings.


Enjoy every indulgence, comfort, game and beauty of our garden in the blazing sunshine.

Our 20 x 5 meter (65.6 ft x 16.4 ft) swimming pool was designed especially for those who wish to exercise, while our experience pool has 9 types of experience creating features (including hydro massage beds, jacuzzi, water jet, chess table, massage table, underwater water jet and special water tangentor treatment) awaiting guests wishing to relax.


And if you would enjoy a cool drink, like a fresh lemonade in the summer heat, our water bar is at your disposal!  You may drink it in the garden or in the water, so you can maximize your comfort.

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