60+ Extra Comfort Services for the Forever Young

I can give you more than 60 reasons why it’s worth it to visit us if you are over sixty, where your relaxation is more comfortable and personalized than at most wellness hotels.

Dear guest,

We would like to offer extra services to ensure that your comfort exceeds even that which you experience at home, so that we may welcome you many times as a regular guest at our adult-friendly hotel, where you can enjoy the highest form of unfettered relaxation.

We warmly welcome you with our wide array of comfort services in our renewed hotel!

Check-in – Check-out

1) Once you arrive, we will accompany you to your room and we will show you where to find the restaurant, the wellness area and the gardens so you don’t have to explore all over our hotel to find it by yourself;

2) If you arrive earlier than we can provide your room, we will place your luggage in our luggage room. On the day of your departure do stay a little longer with us! Enjoy the quiet of the garden, the soothing lapping of the Danube and while you rest, we will look after your luggage;

3) Transportation from the Ráckeve local train (HÉV) stop;

4) Good-natured help in the completion of the registration papers;

5) Easily accessible / obstacle-free / main entrance;

6) On the day of your journey please let us know about your experience with us, we would be delighted to hear your wishes that, if it is within our power, we will grant in the hopes that you will visit us again;

7) Did you leave something behind by accident? Don’t worry! We will mail it to you.


8) Stumble-free environment, e.g. rugs;

9) Visible stair steps;

10) Same-size stair steps;

11) Easily opened doors;

12) Simple guidance system;

13) Placement/accommodation on lower levels;

14) Handrails on both sides of staircases and at exits;

15) Easily readable-sized door numbers;

16) All rooms and equipment are labeled with signs in a transparent manner and their respective manuals are written in an easily readable font, color and size.

Room Furnishings

17) Stumble-free environment, e.g. no high thresholds;

18) Clearly marked light switches;

19) Clear user manuals for the devices found in the room;

20) Headphones for the TV;

21) Necessities to brew tea and coffee upon request;

22) User-friendly telephones;

23) Separate seats (sofas that are not soft or deep);

24) Doors that lock easily and dependably;

25) An unimpeded path to the balcony;

26) The adjustment of the railing height on the balcony to a higher level for increased safety.


27) You may choose between a shower and a bathtub to take movement difficulties into account;

28) Bathroom light switches that are illuminated from the outside;

29) Non-slip coatings, especially in the showers and bathtubs;

30) Handles in the showers and bathtubs;

31) Seats in the shower or bathtub;

32) Good lighting;

33) User-friendly faucets;

34) A magnifying mirror

35) We constantly maintain a non-slip environment in our bathrooms and in the wellness part of our hotel!

36) We placed handrails in our bathrooms to make getting out of the shower or bathtub easier.

The Colors of the Areas

37) We avoid purple and yellowish-green tones, because they easily blend with the background and make seeing sharply difficult;

38) The larger the area is, the less the color saturation to ensure greater transparency.


39) Table waiting for greater comfort;

40) In the event of a buffet, easily readable food names;

41) At your request, a table reserved for you so that during your stay you can always dine at the same table;

42) Food portioning tailored to individual needs;

43) Generous, personalized mealtimes;

44) Diet foods (e.g. low in cholesterol or diabetic foods);

45) Full nutritional value foods and vegetarian foods;

46) Attention to other eating habits;

47) Are you on a diet? Are you allergic to wheat?  Do you require a diabetic menu? Indicate your dietary needs when you make your reservation and we will await you with special foods!

48) A great deal of our dinners are served in a buffet and the names of the foods are typed in clearly legible letters so that you may choose the food that is best for you;

49) Choose the table that you like the most and during your stay at our hotel we will reserve it for you with a name plate.

Additional Services

50) Transportation services, e.g. to visit the doctor;

51) Rental of reading glasses;

52) Measure your blood pressure at the reception;

53) Painkillers, medicine against bloating and basic medications are available at the reception;

54) A TV guide prepared in your room so that you don’t miss your daily shows or shows you are interested in;

55) When preparing our information material we pay special attention to readability and transparency, so that you can navigate with ease.


56) Physicians;

57) Pharmacy;

58) Events;

59) Clear manuals for all equipment;

60) Outing tips for routes that can easily be followed by our more elderly guests;

61) Ordering taxi services;

62) You can find our guest satisfaction survey in your room, no need to trouble yourself with going online! Tell us your opinion with this paper;

63) A shady “island” in our garden that can be reserved so that any time you arrive in our garden there is a cozy place waiting for you;

64) An area reserved with a name plate that is sheltered from the wind;

65) Comfortable garden furniture that is easy to stand up from;

66) Accessible travel paths.


Please let us know of any other needs you have with which we can heighten your comfort, by which we can further broaden the scope of extra services for your and your generation’s pleasure.

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