Awards and Qualifications

Since the grand opening of our hotel, it has been important to us to measure ourselves against others, to receive feedback on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our guests through awards and qualifications.

The Friendliest Hotel of the Year

legbaratsagosabb-szalloda200wIn “The Friendliest Hotel of the Year Competition” nearly 90,000 travelers voted on which hotel’s staff was the most attentive and friendly. Hotels entering into the competition could place in two categories, the ‘below 50 rooms’ and the ‘above 51 rooms’ categories, and more than 94,000 votes were cast for the hotels they liked.
Hungary’s tourism is strengthened by such competitions and the goal was to improve the image of hotel trade and hospitality. The authenticity of the hotel competition is demonstrated in the support of its initiative by many celebrities.

Our award: The Friendliest Hotel of the Year 2013


Develor Gold Star Award



aranycsillag200wAs a market-leading training and consulting company, Develor took up many cases in the past years in order to raise Hungary’s general training standards and professionalism so that the resulting values would be both measurable and palpable.
Hundreds of representatives of most of the companies purchasing training have nominated those hotels for this award that offer the best terms for company training, further vocational training and team building programs. Based on their votes, the Gold Star Training Venue Award was awarded to four hotels.


Our award: Develor Gold Star Awarded Training Venue – 2013


The Hotel of the Year –

logo-evszallasa-200wThe Hotel of the Year competition is the pinnacle event of Hungary’s tourism. Hotels of rank compete in this competition., as the market-leading hotel agent portal in Hungary, bestows an award for the most distinguished level of quality within Hungarian tourism.
Based on the previous year’s experience, it’s worth joining the ring, since earlier winners saw an average of 50% growth in business since earning the award.
The prime goal of the founders of the award was to give recognition to all the hard and complex work that comes with operating a hotel, furthermore, it was their wish to place emphasis on the importance of maintaining and improving quality in Hungary.

Our awards:

Hotel of the Year 2013 – placed 1st Place in Popularity
Hotel of the Year 2014 – placed 2nd Place in Popularity


CSR Hungary

CSR-Hungary200wThe Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR), which became a prestigious award over the past years (since 2008) values the most distinguished responsible and maintainable initiatives, products, services and projects, just as it did in the CSR Hungary Award 2014.
The Hungarian Responsible Business Award, publicly founded in 2008 as the result of an independent initiative from modest beginnings in Hungary, annually evaluates the most distinguished responsible and maintainable initiatives, projects and management systems in the business sector.
It attunes local values with international professional demands. Today it has become a force to raise the market value and competitive ability of corporate responsibility and sustainability.


Our award: CSR Hungary – Responsible Family Business 2014


IACC – International Conference Center


Our qualification: IACC – International Conference Center – 2015


Travel Channel – The Most Beautiful Small Hotel 2015

travel_logoSince last year the Travel Channel’s show entitled “Hotel Impossible” can be viewed, which follows hospitality business professional Anthony Melchiorri and his group as he helps small American hotels stay afloat and become more profitable. They solve all manner of problems, be it making the building more conspicuous, grooming the rooms, making establishment modifications or apprehending a hotel thief. On January 24th a new season started, and on this occasion the TV channel advertised a call for applications from small hotels in Hungary.

The goal of the application was to call attention to Hungarian hotels and gain them popularity in the eyes of a larger audience.  In collaboration with Szeretlek Magyarorszá, the Travel Channel sought the most beautiful small hotel or B&B of 2015.

Our award / qualification: In First 15 of the Most Beautiful Small Hotel Category – 2015



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