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One would think that a little relaxation and a shared vacation would bring harmony to even the most argument-riddled relationship, smoothing over every little hurt and sorrow.

In most cases vacations are indeed a wonderful shared experience, but for couples for whom living together is truly a hopeless dead end, it is likely that a great deal of introspection is necessary to ensure that the vacation doesn’t fizzle into disappointment.

It is vital that even those couples who live in perfect peace together be aware of what to expect from each other, what is it that could be additional sources for you that will help not only improve your physical well-being after the vacation but also the health of your relationship.

Frequently couples view trips and vacations as a kind of couple’s therapy and they expect that the pleasant atmosphere and uninterrupted togetherness will offer solutions to the problems that seem insoluble during the year. In some cases this might even work, since a new environment and quality time spent together along with the desire to find solutions may help overcome problems, but by themselves they are not enough.

In a new relationship where the couple doesn’t live together yet, they may get a taste of what that’s like during a shared vacation and during that time they might be confronted with traits or habits of their partner that they might not be able to tolerate. It could be that they discover that they have wildly different ideas about what constitutes resting, their daily rhythms might not be the same or their ideas about neatness, their hygiene routines or their ideas about how much time should be spent together may vary.

The more the vacation place and activities differ from the day-to-day, the more likely it is that you will face problems like this, since both of you are stepping out of your comfort zones. It’s not necessary to immediately come to the conclusion that the relationship doesn’t work because of these things, however.

In this situation where you are practically forced to pay attention to the other, you may realize that you don’t know what to do with each other. It’s important that both of you rest and that neither of you should try to appear this or that way in front of each other or try to adapt to each other’s expectations, whether real or perceived.

It’s okay to give each other some space, you don’t always have to go everywhere together. The vacation can be a test run to show you how well you work together and how you can solve conflicts, it’s important to view this in the light of advancement and not just the differences between each other. There will always be conflicts and the more conflicts that a couple overcomes, the more they will enrich their relationship and they will become that much closer to one another.

It’s best for all types of relationships that a vacation be taken in as natural an environment as possible, since it is in such an environment that one has the best chance to get to know each other’s true instincts, habits and nature. Of course, it should also be a place where we can become well-rested. With the wonderful ambiance and English elegance of the Duna Wellness & Event Hotel, it is just the place you are looking for!


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