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Get to know our hotel, visit us and enjoy our hospitality as well as substantial, pleasant and restful days.

Our guests have always believed that the secret to our popularity is our hotel’s cozy, yet elegant atmosphere. Together with our staff who know no limits, we await our customers with the carefree and healthy world of ancient Roman wellness.

The World Isn’t Just for Twentysomethings!

FarkasJozsef-foto-200w„We were just planning our next trip together with my friends, since we have been going on vacations together for 30 years. Ben would spend a great deal of time on outings or doing sports, because that’s how he maintains his fitness. Mary likes wellness, it’s good for her health. My partner likes to dance and participate in social activities. Gary is the oldest member of our group, he has movement difficulties and he also has special dietary needs. I don’t sleep well anymore, I wake up early and I’m bored until everyone gets up. Unfortunately, we’re not as young as we used to be, but we sure do love to travel.”

Considering that we’re nearing retirement, we have definite special recreational ideas and needs.

As a practicing hotelier I was shocked to realize that while there are a great many regular, business, training, baby-friendly and family-friendly wellness hotels, there aren’t any “pensioner-friendly hotels”?

I looked into it. There are countless hotels in the world that welcome guests who are retired, in other words, experienced people who feel forever young, with special services. Based on the activities they offer, it seems that the needs of my friends and myself are not at all unique.

In fact, my whole generation – the 60 plus generation – desires similar services.

Therefore I decided that I would create the country’s first truly pensioner-friendly hotel. With services that genuinely live up to the expectations of my generation and my friends. Since as a pensioner I still feel young, these services are intended for those who feel forever young, those who don’t just look for special offers for pensioners and discounts because they want to rest more inexpensively, but because they want truly substantial and unique recreation.

We warmly welcome you,

József Farkas, Hotel Owner

Extras for the Forever Young – Easier Reservation and Comfortable check-in

We will send written confirmation regarding your reservation. The confirmation will include the exact details of your reservation, the check-in and check-out dates, the cost and contents of the package and the terms of payment so that you can store the information more conveniently.

We will also send a checklist , so that we can help you prepare with more ease and so that you won’t forget anything at home. We will describe what you need to bring and what we will provide. (We would like for you to be at ease from the very start: we will provide for almost everything and we will do what we can to fulfill your special requests once you are already here.)

Anyone can get sick and anything can come up that cannot be postponed. In times like this it can be inconvenient that you already made a deposit or if your credit card has been charged.

You won’t lose money. If your reservation date needs to be changed, please let us know and we will handle it with flexibility.

Early check-in, late check-out. You may check-in as early as noon instead of at 2 p.m. and on the day of your departure you may vacate your room at noon rather than at 10 a.m. Why not enjoy your R&R more fully with us than anywhere else? Of course, all of this is free of charge. (Please let our receptionist know about your intentions so that we may make preparations for your arrival.)

While you check in our servers will offer you a welcome drink and our colleague will take your luggage to your room.

You can view our package offers here

Make Yourself at Home

Almost all our rooms overlook the Danube. The precious materials within create a special mood. Your room includes a tastefully designed bathroom (with a bathtub or a shower), a toilet, a mini bar, a telephone, a Wi-Fi, an air conditioner and a television.

You will find a user manual for the television and air conditioner remotes. Additionally, there are plenty of wall sockets so that you may use your electronic devices.

If you wish we can also supply a kettle so that you may drink your favorite tea or coffee at any time during the day (we will provide tea bags and instant coffee).

We also have the capability of satisfying any special needs. Anti-allergic rooms, bio mattresses and wool blankets are at our guests’ disposal. Additionally we also have apartment-style rooms available with 2 rooms each and which consequently are ideal for hosting families.

Sleep with Ease with Us

We would like to provide you with the comfort of home so that your rest is in a tranquil and quiet environment. For your comfort you may request additional blankets, pillows, neck rest pillows and eye masks for your room for uninterrupted sleep.

Headphones for watching television are available so that your partner can sleep or read their favorite book in peace, for the latter we also provide a reading lamp as needed. We also can replace reading glasses left at home between +1 and +6 diopters, or alternatively you can ask for LED reading magnifiers at the reception. If you wake up during the night, the bathroom light switch glows in the dark so that you can find it more easily.

For our health-conscious guests we indicate the components and energy content of our foods at every meal. This way you can easily assemble a menu with delicious and healthy foods that meet your needs.

We welcome our guests 24/7 at our lobby bar, where you can sample our selection on our list of beverages. Also in the lobby bar between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. is our Happy Hour discount, during which you may sample our cocktail and coffee specialties with a 30% discount.

Active Programs

We have constructed the carefree and healthy world of ancient Roman wellness. With us you won’t find a sauna, a steam bath, a waterwell pool or swimming/experience pools between our Roman-styled walls, instead you will find a tepidarium, a caldarium, a frigidarium and a laconicum, the Roman version of modern wellness. The hotel is steeped with the legendry of the Roman gods and among them elements of the life of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, accompany your rest: you will learn what Fortuna’s cards of wisdom reveal to you and you can try our Roman massages with special oils and herbs, all of which serve your health and satisfaction in different ways.

Enjoy the refreshment of your entire body through our special massages, many of which were inspired by ancient Roman life, for example:

  • Fortuna’s massage with grapeseed oil;
  • Silvanus’, protector of the forest’s therapy course;
  • Beauty massage in the style of the goddess Venus;
  • Avocado massage to please Jupiter.

Naturally there are countless other pleasant massages to pamper our guests with, such as Swedish massage, hot lava rock massage, facial massage, refreshing massage, foot massage, detox massage and figure sculpting massage.

Our professionals will make sure that you will have activities throughout the day that not only prove to be exhilarating but also healthy. Participate in our posture-improving and back muscle-strengthening exercise sessions and Sun Salutation yoga, which all generations can take part in with ease, and our spiritual fitness and memory-strengthening exercises!

Relax during our stress-relieving musical meditation, savor the joy of movement during aqua fitness, which moves your entire body while your joints are completely free of encumbrances in the comfortable temperatures of our pools!

We await you with ageless fashion tips, style guide and personalized lifestyle activities. Our sauna activities are particularly popular among your generation as well, it’s worth trying out. We will unveil mysteries with our introduction to Roman cuisine as well as the mysteries of the Osho Zen Tarot should you participate in these special activities as well.

You can spend days filled with experiences in the wellness world of our richly-appointed hotel.

A Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an infrared sauna, heated benches, Kneipp therapy courses, a waterwell pool, a jacuzzi, a hydro massage bed, an experience pool, a swimming pool, an outdoors swimming pool with visual effects, and a water bar all await our guests seeking to refresh themselves.

The services of our ancient Roman wellness empire are accessible from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

At the wellness part of our hotel we welcome guests with different activities each day, such as:

  • Aquatic exercises for those who wish to feel more fit and healthy, for those who are hydrophobic, since your head remains above water, or for those who cannot perform land-based exercises or who simply do not like them. Or, for those who merely choose the pleasant medium of water for the love of movement itself;
  • Sauna activities with our qualified sauna experts and the application of special infusions, which serves the purpose of harmonizing the body and soul;
  • Meditation, to consciously relax the body. The spirit is yielded to tranquility. When you meditate, all you do is focus the mind on one specific thing;
  • An introduction to Roman cuisine. Ancient Roman culture comes to life in our hotel.

Besides the wellness part of our hotel, there is the wonderful bank of the Danube, sight-seeing in Ráckeve and the Danube itself, all of which are inviting opportunities for an outing. We have planned several routes for such outings and we will provide equipment and map:

  • Bicycle and walking trails of different levels of difficulty and duration are at your disposal. We will provide bicycles and a route description;
  • Take a canoe trip on the Little Danube. Here the Danube has a flood gate installed at both ends of the island, therefore the water doesn’t have a current at all. An easy canoe outing in beautiful weather is an unforgettable experience;
  • Try Nordic walking, which moves almost all muscle groups and helps the muscles develop without overtaxing them. Fat burning, quickly improving stamina and the learning of correct posture are advantages of walking.


You can view our package offers here

Information for Guests

When preparing our information material we pay special attention to readability, larger font sizes and transparency, so that you can navigate with ease.

You can find our guest satisfaction survey in your room, no need to trouble yourself with going online! Please tell us your opinion with this paper!

We will resolve any concerns that might arise immediately. If you notice a more serious inadequacy, we will take no more than a day to fulfill your wish.

You can find answers to questions related to our hotel on the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We provide free Internet access to all our guests. If you arrive without a device to access the Internet, we welcome you to the Internet corner of our Business Center.

If You Require, We Will Help You With Movement Difficulties

We pay special attention to the comfort of our guests who have movement difficulties, for example:

  • Stumble-free environment;
  • Easily walkable stairs;
  • Placement/accommodation on lower levels;
  • Separate seats (sofas that are not soft or deep);
  • Non-slip coatings, especially in the showers and bathtubs;
  • Handles in the showers and bathtubs;
  • A seat in the shower or bathtub at request;
  • Rails in the swimming pools.

We Also Pay Attention to Your Health

Non-prescription medicines can be requested at the reception which work to alleviate aches, insomnia, digestive problems and other general problems.

Discover Ráckeve, learn about the area and return to us as a regular guest!

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