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Enter the realm of beauty! The Supplementary Beauty Package of our elegant hotel promises a fabulous transformation which we compiled primarily for ladies beyond their middle age, because we know what magic a beautifying course here and there is capable of. Because miracles are real. We won’t just stop the wheel of time, we may even nudge it backwards a little. We apply the kind of rejuvenating and refreshing treatments and base materials which smooth out small wrinkles and fill your cells with energy.

After these treatments you will feel as if you are years younger.

But then, this freshness, becoming youthful is no delusion. It is within you! The magical hands of our beauty experts do no more than coax this out in you.  Spend Beauty days full of experiences that help you become more youthful, spiced with a hint of luxury in the Duna Relax Hotel which lies in a picturesque environment on the bank of the Danube’s cool, blue waters sparkling like crystals in the sunlight.

Our stylist will create style guidelines tailored for your assets, coloring and aura so that in the weekdays following your wellness rest you will retain the beauty and harmony radiating from you.

We will teach you how to perform the “Do-In” self-massage techniques with which you can refresh yourself under a few minutes at any time, and we will provide you with dietary advice as well, since quality and vitamin-rich nourishment can make your real age many years younger, ladies and gentlemen.

We are certain that body wrapping will produce fantastic skin tightening effects, the sight and feel of which are sure to impress you as well. And the invigorating effect of a facial massage is renowned for having immediate rejuvenating effects.  Our Supplementary Beauty Package is very popular among our lady customers of all ages.

You should try it, too!

The Supplementary Beauty Package includes:

  • 1 body treatment/body wrapping occasion;
  • 1 cellulite massage occasion (50 minutes);
  • 1 facial massage occasion (25 minutes);
  • Do-In self-massage, dietary advice, style guidelines – based on the hotel activity schedule.

(Choose 1 per person and per occasion – pricing is only valid when reserved ahead of times)


Price: HUF 17500

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