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Discover the myriad of tiny secrets, wondrous buildings and sculptures in this gorgeous town on the Danube’s bank and thereby discover its adventurous history during a comfortably paced walk. An excellent time for this is a sunny afternoon. Choose comfortable sports shoes and we would be happy to rent Nordic Walking sticks to you at the reception, since you are embarking on a journey to discover a town with a rich history, after all, and this way that journey, often taken on the more pleasant and scenic route along the Danube’s bank, won’t be tiring. Did you know that the town was already inhabited in the Copper Age? During the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin, all of Csepel Island, and thereby the territory of Ráckeve, was where the principal tribe took up residence. In 1440 Serbian refugees fleeing the Ottomans settled here, in the 16th century it fell under Ottoman reign and later on German settlers came to the town. Many peoples have lived here and left their mark on the settlement with their cultures, customs and traditions, thereby making today’s Ráckeve more colorful, diverse and special.

With our tour guide you can walk this path of cultural exploration to see Ráckeve’s places of interest and sights while listening to the guide’s gripping stories about our history.

During your walk, rest a while in one of the town’s tantalizing pastry shops and revitalize yourselves for the journey with a foamy pastry, or a cup of steaming, aromatic coffee. Step into the Savoy Castle together, which was the home of a famous prince after he was rewarded with the entire Csepel Island for driving out the Ottoman army. Get to know the history of János of Nepomuk during your journey, who was a resident of the settlement and who was also the poet Sándor Petőfi’s inspiration for the Hungarian folktale character János Vitéz (“John the Valiant”), and visit the country’s only still functioning boat mill, as well as one of the oldest monasteries in the country, which is a 16th century Serbian Orthodox church built in the Gothic and Baroque style. Museums, churches, galleries, statues tucked away on romantic streets and countless other sights await you on your journey of Cultural Exploration! There will definitely be stories to tell to the grandkids at home. Following a town exploring journey, our customers deserve royal pampering in our empire of Roman wellness.

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