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Do you love enjoying every minute of life just as you did when you were young?  Though the years have flown by, your youthful momentum and gushing energy are still the same. Yes! You are still the same person you were many years ago. Nothing has changed except that the world sped up around you. You are enriched with a great deal of experiences which have shown you that you shouldn’t let life’s best things slip away. Seize the moments and hold on! Choose the greatest experience in everything. You deserve it! Let us pamper you. If you enjoy exceptional moments, elegance, intimacy, majestic comfort and zesty foods, all of which are spiced with a touch of luxury, then our hotel, located in a wondrous environment, has a special offer for you. Eat a lavish breakfast in bed with champagne with your partner in a romantic setting as an excellent beginning to your day.

A worthy celebration of the wonderful years you spent together.

During the day enjoy the ancient Roman wellness empire’s pampering services and visit the famous Savoy Castle. And at dinner time you will immediately spot the elegant candlelit table especially prepared for you and your partner in the coziest corner of our elegant restaurant. Enjoy life’s sweet moments with your partner at the Duna Relax & Event Hotel, because happiness is ageless and eternal. There need not be any special occasion, be our guest and transform any day of the week into a magical experience with our Island of Experiences Package!

Welcome to the Island of Experiences!

The Island of Experiences Package includes:

  • 1 bottle of quality red wine, you may choose from a selection of sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry or dry;
  • Silkily melting Belgian chocolate bonbons;
  • 1 delicacy breakfast in bed occasion (salmon, caviar, salami, artisan cheeses, croissants, fresh fruit salad, juice, champagne, coffee);
  • Candlelit dinner with romantic table decoration at the featured table of our elegant restaurant;
  • A fragrant bouquet of flowers;
  • Strewn rose petals;
  • Exotically scented incense sticks.

(Choose 1 per room for 2 people)

Price: HUF 15000


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