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Are special days upon you, such as your or your partner’s birthdays, or perhaps your wedding anniversary? Since the kids “flew out of the nest” there have only been a few flowers here or a favorite dish there that differentiate these special days from any other day. The large celebrations are largely exhausted in the birthday parties for the grandkids.

Don’t let the magic of your own celebrations vanish in the mist of the ordinary days!

Celebrate the big day in style in an elegant environment. Savor every moment of the experience. There cannot possibly be more delicious cakes than the ones that wives, moms and grandmas make, but we have tried to measure up to the competition. And everyone who has tasted it has said it was worth it.  Our hotel’s chef creates heavenly dishes. Ladies, this is not the time to hustle and bustle around in the kitchen, because we will take care of the delicacies, just as we will take care of the cake. As Grandma, you’ve baked enough family favorite cakes. Give yourselves over to relaxing and refreshing wellness recreation!

Gentlemen, Reward your partners and yourselves with a touch of luxury, experiences and comfort, take a special “time traveling” journey in our ancient Roman wellness empire. You won’t even need your passports for us to fly you to distant lands and ages long gone on the wings of time.

Let’s celebrate together!

Celebrate as rulers, become the lord and lady of this wondrous place and enjoy the opulent life of the Roman aristocracy of old. You can spend every moment of this extraordinary occasion with your love, we will take care of the cake with cream on top, a bottle of chilled, sparkling champagne and a specially decorated, candlelit dinner table in our elegant restaurant. Remember to indicate any dietary or special nutritional needs, because taking these into consideration our chefs will conjure unparalleled delicacies onto your table.

Price: HUF 5000

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