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Undoubtedly you also feel your energy waning during the day-to-day rushing and your resistance also becomes depleted. When even your favorite grandchild, the neighbor, or even the love of your life tests your patience, you are fatigued and you are sleep deprived, it’s time to recharge your batteries. It would feel good indeed to be refreshed, relaxed and pampered. Over 60 your system definitely deserves attention and a gentle lifestyle. Times like this you dream of a vitamin bomb so that you can live this exhilarating time with more energy. But you deserve more than a simple vitamin bomb: leave your burdens behind and refresh yourself at the Duna Relax Hotel!

We compiled a refreshing repository of vitalizing programs for you.

With us the nearness of nature, the diverse cuisine, the wellness treatments, the exercise activities, the personal advice, the individually tailored exercises, our dietary and dress style guidance and the exciting specialties, such as learning about colors that energize you, are all part of wellness recreation.

Our selections place an emphasis on creating inner harmony with yoga, meditation, stress relief and mandala creation; in addition we will strengthen your physical condition with Chi Kung motion series, stretching exercises and, making use of the pleasant medium of water with one of our customer’s favorite activities, the dynamic, yet light aqua fitness exercise.

The Vital is unquestionably one of our most popular supplementary packages. Choose this package and become a super grandma with unlimited energy!

The Vital Package includes:

  • Sun Salutation yoga, Chi Kung, aquatic exercises, stretching, spinal and dorsal exercise – based on the hotel activity schedule;
  • Vegetable and fruit cocktail (1 serving (2 dl or 7 fl. oz.) per person and per night);
  • Introduction to the flavors of the Roman palate – based on the hotel activity schedule;
  • Movie screening – based on the hotel activity schedule;
  • 1 detox massage occasion per person (25 minutes);
  • Meditation, lifestyle advice, mandala creation – based on the hotel activity schedule.


Price: HUF 6000

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