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Ancient Roman wellness

Hungary’s newest adult hotel in Ráckeve, the wellness paradise for couples and youth, as well as the forever young couples, desiring unfettered relaxation

Romantika és élmények ifjú és örökifjú pároknak Ráckevén. Duna Relax & Event Hotel, a gyerekmentes pihenés szakértője.

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We await you at our empire of ancient Roman wellness with our numerous comfort services designed for various age groups on the gently rippling bank of the Danube in the Duna Relax & Event Hotel 

The Duna Relax & Event Hotel in Ráckeve is Hungary’s newest adult-friendly four star hotel, offering a wide range of extra comfort services for the forever young couples, as well as diverse activities and romantic packages for couples arriving alone together seeking romance and relaxation.

We await customers who want relaxation, undisturbed rest and an elegant environment with outdoor and indoor sports opportunities, diverse activities organized by our animators which bring both physical harmony and peace to the soul, a pleasant riverbank climate, outdoor and indoor pools, an empire of ancient Roman wellness and unique Spa offers and a deluge of experiences.

You and your partner will enjoy ancient Roman wellness adventures and undisturbed R&R in our hotel situated at the foot of the Ráckeve bridge on the cool bank of the merrily tinkling waters of the Danube, whether you are lovers of active, passive or romantic recreation.

Relax Superior Room

Our cozy hotel is surrounded by a gorgeous small garden park and its interior was designed in an elegant, English style. The interior design of the 47 rooms as well as that of the entertaining area bear the mark of renowned interior architects. The Duna Relax & Event Hotel of Ráckeve lies barely 50 kilometers (30 miles) outside of Budapest, about an hour’s drive.

Our hotel, located on the uniquely romantic bank of the Danube which is ideal for scenic walks, is furnished with classical elegance, and its rooms have windows and balconies directly overlooking the river. With its small pond in the shady garden, its splashing goldfish, its adult-friendly services, its pool with experience creating features at the inviting outdoors beach, and the special ancient Roman wellness empire are all here to serve your maximum comfort and undisturbed R&R.

Látkép a szálloda szobáiból

Adult-friendly wellness experiences and superb relaxation at the Duna Relax & Event Hotel on the scenic bank of the Danube

In this scenic environment we offer you the kind of rest that isn’t just simply relaxing; aside from the wellness experiences, you can participate in historical walks, “time traveling”, market visiting by boat, Sun Salutation yoga, mandala creation and athletic and harmonizing activities. Canoes, boats and bicycles can be rented at the reception free of charge for bicycling and water tours, where our colleagues can suggest tour routes for those who are interested.

You can revel in an exceptionally beautiful view by glancing out of your room’s window, seeing as almost every room of our hotel overlooks the river and on the opposite bank you can see a string of graceful church towers and tiny, colorful houses. It’s a view which practically begs itself onto a painter’s canvas. The balcony offers a wondrous view of this gorgeous landscape as it is bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun.

Enjoy our Grill Terrace and Lavender Terrace in the shade of the lush foliage and colorful flowers of our delightful garden’s green bushes, where grill foods and cool drinks are offered, and our beach with a pool with experience creating features and a water bar, attracting guests who wish for relaxation in the cool during the summer months.

Experience the feel of calm flowing over you! 

Duna Relax Hotel wellness terasz
Duna Relax Hotel Levendula terasz

The heart of the adult-friendly hotel is the Roman wellness empire, which offers numerous comfort and relaxation services for youth and forever young spirits alike.

 Do you know what purpose the tepidarium, the frigidarium and the caldarium serve?
Learn their purpose through experiencing them right away!

Let yourself fully experience the unfettered and joyful life of the opulent Roman aristocracy between the walls of our hotel’s Roman wellness!

While making use of the ancient Roman wellness part of our hotel, you will feel as though you are a new person, because an important part of maintaining your health involves taking an aroma bath or a scented massage every day. We recommend it for anyone who desire something a little more exciting than a traditional wellness experience.

  • Tepidarium ((warm bath in a warm room, it comes from the Latin word tepidus = warm)
    A warm room that is gentle on the circulation and serves as a place to regenerate between cold and hot baths. (The temperature of the room is between 37 and 39°C (98 and 102°F)). Remaining in rooms such as these generally have a stress-relieving effect and the amount of time spent there had no limits.
  • Caldarium (hot bath, it comes from the Latin word calidus = hot)
    Sometimes it was called a steam room or aroma steam bath. One of the characteristics of the caldarium was its high humidity concentration (sometimes it reached 100%), radiating heat between 42 and 50°C (108 and 122°F) for a good sweat.
    Just as in the tepidarium, the warmth rebounds evenly off of the ceramic or terracotta tile walls, floors and ceilings. The ideal time period to remain within this room was between 30 and 40 minutes. (Today’s heating systems are more modern and heat the room more efficiently, therefore a shorter time is recommended.)
  • Laconium (possibly named for the Laconian people)
    It is counted as in intense room. At a steady temperature of 55 to 65°C (131 to 149°F), the body will begin to sweat heavily after 15 minutes at most. At the longest one could remain for an hour in this room. This place is the ancestor of the modern sauna. Today the thermal load is also higher in this room, so a shorter time spent in there is recommended.
  • Frigidarium (cold bath, it comes from the Latin word frigidus = cold)
    A cold room, or cold bath. Remaining in this room serves the purpose of revitalizing yourself following a longer stay in a room that radiates heat (in the steam room or sauna). Medically speaking, the transition from a warm or hot environment into a cool climate plays an important role in your health.

Now let’s see what other pampering and refreshing services await you between the walls of our empire of ancient Roman wellness!

  • Swimming pool
  • Bubble bath pool
  • Hydro massage, jacuzzi
  • Tea bar
  • Sudatorium – steam bath
  • Salt room
  • Garden of Harmony
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Hot tub
  • Experience shower
  • Kneipp therapy
  • Heated mosaic benches

Adult Hotel


We love children! Not just when they’re fast asleep as the saying goes.

You probably also can barely remember when the last time was that you slept in, or when you took a stroll alone with your partner down romantic alleys, when there weren’t chocolate fingerprints on the wallpaper or “jostling” for the bathroom in the mornings.

Well, here’s the occasion to smuggle a few special and restful days into the currents of day-to-day life, where you don’t have to be mom and dad, but you can choose the location of your recreation as man and woman.

Every parent deserves to have a few days when they are the center of the universe, so that they may return to daily life well-rested and full of fresh energy and the kids can return to their position as the center of everything.

Not to mention when the kids are older, then especially parents could use a few restful days alone together, and of course it’s also good for the kids if they can relax without the parents around.

In the Duna Relax & Event Hotel we also had you in mind when, as an adult-friendly hotel, we compiled services and activities that offer recreational opportunities expressly for adults arriving alone together, regardless of age.

Take a look at our offers and reward yourselves with the experience of a few unforgettable days together!

Both the young as well as the forever young are welcome here to relax in this paradise of rest and harmony! 

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