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Attila-02-séf-200wHospitality is a wonderful task. It is important to us that we offer you a lasting experience during your stay. Exactly because of this we strive to create culinary marvels that enchant our guests.
I am Attila Jáger, the chef at the Duna Relax & Event Hotel.
With my cooks we will prepare your favorite foods day after day, furthermore, in my experience foods sampled at our hotel quickly become favorites, too.
This is the highest form of recognition for me, because gastronomy is not just work, it’s a creative task that is full of experiences and it’s truly a form of art.
Our award winning cooks will prepare the menu items offered to you, however our buffet also offers exceptional culinary experiences.


Our meals are extraordinary, diverse, tantalizingly delicious and healthy.

By now you must also be curious as to where you will sample our tasty foods. Well, then, let me introduce you our restaurants!

We serve our tasty and plentiful meals in 4 restaurants in our hotel:

The air conditioned Kék Duna Restaurant (Blue Danube Restaurant) can receive 110 people.

A pleasant ambiance with elegant furnishings awaits you in our restaurant aglow with light, with wonderful dishes, zesty wines and heavenly desserts.

Duna Relax étterem


Our Panorama Terrace can serve a further 50 people.

Our excellent chefs are recognized as grilling specialists. Lightly grilled fish, poultry and steaks all go well together on the menu as well as on the grill. We await customers in winter as well on our covered glass terrace that opens onto our garden.

Panoráma terasz - Duna Relax & Event Hotel

Our Lavender Beer and Grill Terrace can serve 50 people.

In the peaceful and quiet embrace of lavender bushes with its view overlooking the Danube you may select from our à la carte menu or select from among our grilled foods. It is an excellent choice to take a meal in the cool shade of our umbrellas among friends or perhaps tête-à-tête.


Finally, our Wellness Terrace can host 40 of our guests.

Besides the special atmosphere of the poolside, you can enjoy the light, summer grill foods, salads and cocktails. After all, there’s nothing better than a cool drink after a splash.


Our oven foods are a favorite of many of our guests, which include plentiful and selected delicacies which are, without exception, made in our outdoors wood-fired oven in our garden. Many a famous “töki pompos” (potato bread with sour cream, onions and bacon on top), and pizzas have been made here, too. The unmistakable scent and taste of the wood-fired oven-baked foods invite you to sample them.

Töki pompos kemence


If you desire something truly unique, then we can recommend the “Lucullus Dinner” to you, which, true to its name, includes an extra helping of a string of delicacies.

Fun fact: Lucullus was a renowned general and politician who, after withdrawing from Rome’s political sphere, gave his enormous wealth to support the arts and to planning the famous Roman feasts, as a result to this day he is regarded as the embodiment of gourmandism. He was the one who first realized that by grinding salt, it’s possible to flavor food more precisely.

There is also an opportunity to put together special dishes made out of extra or organic materials, or materials that take into consideration special needs.

If you have a sensitivity to certain foods or you have other types of issues that require a special diet, please let us know at the reception.

Our cooks will take into consideration your diet and will create foods that meet your individual needs.

We pay special attention to the needs of our health-conscious guests and those who follow a diet, and among our dessert selection delicious and tasty sugar-free and gluten-free foods can always be found.

Taste enjoyment at the Duna Relax & Event Hotel!




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