Ráckeve’s Sights and Activities

The town’s interesting and exciting sights and activities have attracted more and more visitors. Our hotel’s guests also join in Ráckeve’s activities and seek out its sights.

The Boat Market


Csónakos Piac


Visit the Boat Market of Ráckeve on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

In the heart of town you can find the market on the Danube’s promenade.

Csónakos Piac

The almost unobtrusively regulated market area works to everyone’s satisfaction: it provides the small farmers of the region with a place to sell their goods. At the same time quite a few useful products and trinkets find their way into visitors’ ownership.

The settlement has seen markets and fairs held here since the Middle Ages.

One of the charms of today’s marketplace is gastronomy.

Ráckeve látnivalói - Csónakos piac gasztronómai

Wherever lots of people go, so does a tantalizing selection of foods to tempt hungry and curious people. On Wednesdays and Saturdays one can come here for an early breakfast or even for a brunch. Once you have chosen one of the many delicacies you could consume it right then and there.


The Water Mill of Ráckeve

 Ráckevei Vízimalom

The water mill of Ráckeve is a reconstruction of the so-called Gyurcsik-type boat mill, serial no. 12., which was built based on the assessment of Ferenc Mendele between 2007 and 2010 thanks to the community’s joint effort.


The Fire Watch Tower


Tűztorony Kilátó

In June, 2009, the old town hall opened the doors of the Fire Watch Lookout Tower in the building’s tower to the public. The lookout welcomes visitors seeking a unparalleled experience in the Ráckeve sub-region, and naturally the almost 40 m (131 ft) tall tower with its magnificent 360-degree panorama also offers a unique experience to those who live nearby or in town as well. Taking winter weather conditions into consideration, the lookout is seasonally open from the beginning of May to the second weekend of October.


The Zichy Chapel

 Zichy kápolna

The Zichy Memorial Chapel stands outside the town in the river-flats of the Danube. This romantic, one-nave building built in the Neo-Gothic style and sporting a front tower is covered with a brick outer layer.
The exterior is decorated with delicate stone carvings. A pointed triumphal arch leads from the cross-vaulted nave to the vaulted shrine. A wooden sculpture depicting Mary and Magdalene crucified used to stand on the Neo-Gothic altar.
The chapel was erected in 1859 to commemorate Count Ödön Zichy, right over the spot where in 1848 General Arthur Görgey had had the Count hanged, believing him to be a traitor.


The Savoy Castle

 Savoyai Kastély

Ráckeve’s most imposing building is the Baroque Savoy Castle, its construction began in 1702 based on the plans of the architect Johann Lucas Hildebrandt. The castle is the first example of worldly Baroque architecture in Hungary. Today it functions as a hotel and restaurant.


The Statue of Árpád

 Árpád szobor - Ráckeve

In a small square next to the Savoy Castle stands the zinc alloy statue of tribal leader Árpád with a shield and pelisse, pointing into the distance. It is the only rural statue of Árpád and it was inaugurated during the celebration of the millennium.


The János Vitéz Fountain


János vitéz díszkút - Ráckeve

The fountain was created in 1999 by the sculptor György Markolt. The inspiration for the fountain is a legend regarding the penning of the character of János Vitéz (“John the Valiant”) by the poet Sándor Petőfi, it is said that the character was based on János Horváth of Nepomuk, a serf boy of Ráckeve who became a hussar captain.


The Statue of Saint János of Nepomuk


Nepomuki Szent János szobor - Ráckeve

This Catholic saint was chosen as the patron saint of millers and sailors.


The Grave of János Horváth of Nepomuk


Horváth Nep János - János Vitéz sírja

It can be found in the Catholic cemetery next to the calvary church.


The Customs House


Vámház - Ráckeve

It can be found at the foot of the Árpád bridge. The Neo-Baroque building was built in the mid-1930’s by Artúr Sebestyén.


The Roman Catholic Church – The Birth of Saint John the Baptist Church


Római katolikus templom - Keresztelő Szent János születése templom

The secco paintings within are the work of the painter László Patay, a Munkácsy Award winner who lived in Ráckeve.


The Reformed Church


Református templom - Ráckeve

This Neo-Gothic church was built in 1913 in the place of a Gothic-style church that rested on a medieval foundation.


Fegyó Béla Studio Gallery

The gallery showcases a contemporary painting exhibition along with the permanent exhibition of the painter Béla Fegyó’s artworks and fine art exhibition from contemporary artists (figure paintings, landscapes, still lifes of the city).
Please call ahead to schedule a visit. There is no entry fee.
Location: Fegyó Béla Studio Gallery, 2300 Ráckeve, Thököly Imre u. 3. (in the street behind our hotel)


Keve Gallery


Keve Galéria

Exhibitions and Graduate Exhibitions of various contemporary fine art and handcraft artists (medallists, textile artists, ceramic artists, sculptors, designers, painters, glass artists, graphic artists) can be viewed throughout the year.


Tree of Life (Életfa) Studio Gallery


Életfa Műterem - Galéria

The gallery displays the paintings and graphic art of Attila Mertl.


The Statue of Saint Stephen, our First Christian King

This sculpture erected in the square in front of the Mayor’s Office is the work of József Rátonyi, a Munkácsy Award winning sculptor, and was inaugurated on August 20, 2000.


Our Lady Serbian Orthodox Church


Nagyboldogasszony Szerb Ortodox Templom

Built in 1487, this church is the only standing Gothic Serbian Orthodox Church in Hungary and it is also the farthest Serbian church to the east in Central Europe.

Friday Evening Promenade

The Friday Evening Promenade is a cultural event which is held every Friday afternoon during the summer break on the Szegedi Kis István promenade (where the “Boat Market” is held on the bank of the Danube). The event has no entry fee.

It was launched on June 13, 2008 at 6 p.m. and each week it presented new shows and activities appropriate for whole families. In 2010 Ráckeve won the title of “Hungarian City of Culture” and took over the planning of the event’s activities in collaboration with the Ács Károly Community Center. The event is still helped by its enthusiastic founders with ideas and work.

Péntek Esti Korzó

Components of the Event Series:

  • Gastronomy: village feast;
  • “Plaid Tablecloth” Tavern;
  • Chess tables, children’s play area;
  • Rune writing lessons, handcrafting activities, Waldorf activities, stage performances;
  • The local and regional wineries will hold a wine tasting and market event;
  • Fine arts: introduction to and exhibition of the works of artists;
  • Folk art: introduction of folk artists;
  • Stage performances;
  • “The streets introduce themselves”; A display by people from the home range;
  • Carriage sight-seeing tour in town;
  • Petting zoo and horseback riding for children;
  • Street ball and dance instruction.


János Vitéz Days

Have you heard of János Horváth of Nepomuk? Not many have outside of Ráckeve, even though according to legends the poet Petőfi based one of his most famous characters, János Vitéz (“John the Valiant”), on him. It is a beautiful legend which cannot be substantiated, but perhaps that is not necessary. Why would we doubt the word of the locals?

Therefore Jancsi Kukorica was the son of Pál Piringer and Magdolna Gáspár on May 10, 1744. The boy was taken in by a miller after being orphaned early in his life and the miller’s daughter, Jancsi’s playmate and later his lady love, is thought to be one and the same as Iluska, according to the insider opinion. After growing up, he joined the 5th Hussar Regiment and battled his way through the Napoleonic Wars. He visited Italy and the country of the “French King”, and during his travels he had many adventures that belong in a fairy tale.

János Vitéz Napok

For those who wish to learn more about his story, the János Vitéz Days held in Ráckeve on the 16th and 17th of June should definitely be on their list. Aside from the culture history points of interests, there are a plethora of other outdoors activities, coach races, valiant knight trials, arts and handcraft fairs and street stages awaiting the audience.

There is a reason the sights and activities of Ráckeve lure the guests of our hotel as well.





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