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Relax and gain experiences in the pleasant atmosphere of our adult hotel in Ráckeve, on the bank of the Little Danube


Become the lord or lady of our empire of ancient Roman wellness! Experience the unfettered life of ancient Rome’s aristocracy. Go on a fantastic time traveling journey together with your partner, on which we will transport you to ancient times with the services of our wellness empire. To those times when the cult of body culture soared so much that bathing, massages and beauty maintenance were a matter of daily life.

Caldarium, Laconicum, Frigidárium, Sudatorium…

Unveil the meaning of enigmatic expressions 

and experience their blissful effect together!

kedvezményOur Relax package is designed to ensure that your wellness retreat is refreshing and unique, no matter if you stay for a few days or for a week, because our hotel is there to serve your every need. The numerous sights Ráckeve has to offer, its romantic alleyways, the bicycle trail winding along the river bank, its famous Boat Market, its beaches and its opportunities for water sports are all enticing program opportunities, just as the activities designed by our hotel’s animators are, which promise wonderful opportunities for both those who like active and those who like passive R&R. If you desire a taste of immersed tranquility, take part in activities such as Mandala creation, yoga and relaxation. On the other hand if you desire a more active way to pass the time, then you can choose from among the numerous activities that pump both your muscles and your blood, such as aqua fitness, Nordic walking, power training, table tennis and many others. Whatever you choose, you will feel great in the harmonious environment at the Duna Relax & Event Hotel, to which we’ve added a touch of elegance next to the comfort.

You are welcome to come relax with us!

The package includes:

  • Rooms with balconies overlooking the river (4 of our Relax Suite rooms look upon the garden), which are equipped with hair dryers, safes, mini bars, Wi-Fi, televisions, atmospheric lighting and air conditioners;
  • Lavish buffet breakfasts, with a wide selection of cold and hot dishes, artisan cheeses, jams, fresh fruits and dairy products (including lactose-free) as well as the unique world of flavors that buffet dinners offer, with numerous national and international courses;
  • Soft terry cloth bathrobes, towels and sauna sheets for the duration of your stay;
  • Ancient Roman wellness empire services (caldarium, tepidarium, laconicum, frigidarium, etc.), experience pools, the Garden of Harmony, Kneipp therapy courses, experience showers, hot tubs and bubble baths, all of which you have free, unrestricted access to, even late into the night; Outdoors (operational between June 15th and August 31st) and indoors experience pools and shaded, four poster hammocks for perfect rest;
  • Sauna activities with our qualified sauna experts and the application of special infusions, which serve the purpose of harmonizing the body and soul – based on the hotel activity schedule;
  • The swimming pool: 18 meters (59 ft) long and 138 cm (54 in) deep with a temperature of 26°C (79°F);
  • Bubble bath, Hydro massage, Jacuzzi: on the highest level it has water temperature of 33°C (91°F). Enjoy the effects of the hydro massage and the jacuzzi in the small pool on the middle level of the pool building. Our visual effects operate automatically in intervals of 5 minutes;
  • Tea bar: detoxification is the most effective when paired with sufficient hydration. Choose from our selection of herbs and make some herbal tea. Drink as much as you like, there are no constraints on quantity;
  • The charming town of Ráckeve, which is ideal for romantic strolls on the banks of the river Danube with its countless beauties, monuments and sights. However, our sports equipment selection is also at your disposal, e.g. bicycles, canoes, small ships, Nordic walking sticks, ping pong and badminton rackets with balls.


Price: HUF 27900/2 Person/1 Night

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