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OUR HOTEL – The Island Experience on the Banks of the Danube


At the heart of Ráckeve, 47 kilometers (29.2 miles) outside of Budapest, you will find the Duna Relax & Event Hotel, which opened its doors to guests in 2003 under the name of Kék Duna Wellness Hotel**** (Blue Danube Wellness Hotel****).

The harmonious environment of the Little Danube traversing the city is an ideal place to leave behind the rush of everyday city life for a few restful days.
When the owners contrived this experience island over a decade ago, their guiding thought was to create a cozy hotel spiced with a dash of luxury near the capital where guests could enjoy physical and spiritual harmony in a unique environment. Following their stay with us, they would return home refreshed and charged with positive energy and feel at the depth of their souls a tug to return and relive the experience.

Ráckeve szívében található Duna Relax & Event Hotel

Keeping this goal in sight, we have transformed the hotel’s garden into a delightful grove with luscious green plants, colorful flowers, embracing bushes and a tiny, tinkling pond. Furthermore, we transformed the wellness part of the hotel into an empire of ancient Roman wellness, knowing that along the Danube ancient Roman settlements flourished together with rich health and bath culture.

Ráckeve szívében található Duna Relax & Event Hotel

In designing the interior of the hotel, we followed the guidance of renowned interior designers and architects.
Our goal is to help guests coming from the world of the weekday to immerse themselves in a hint of luxury and into our empire of ancient Roman wellness.
The elegant environment, the details so pleasing to the eye, the precious materials and the pomp of lavish colors enchant our guests. Our popularity of over 10 years attests to the fact that we made a good decision with our style of choice.
It is important to us that, in keeping with our style, we will continue to innovate and beautify our hotel, and to that effect in 2014 we renovated the rooms in the bottom two floors, along with the common areas, the lobby, the restaurants and the reception, all of which sparkle with a new luster. 
Since September 2015, we welcome guests seeking child-free relaxation in our completely renovated wellness section.

Ráckeve szívében található Duna Relax & Event Hotel




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