Together Alone at Last – Ditch The Teens For Some Quality Time


Peace and Quiet Above All Else!

No doubt about it, in the time before taking a vacation most people are stressed and there’s a lot on the to-do list, because there are always many, many things to take care of at work and at home, too.

Though most of us can’t wait to begin our vacation or our wellness retreat, it’s important to remember to actually relax when the time finally comes, or the holiday won’t be about peace and rest. Couples crave this the most when they go on a trip together. A little calm and quiet and the kind of romance that is only achievable alone together.

A holiday spent together should be about relaxation and it starts on the day you start out the moment your bags are packed.

To further this purpose, it’s worth your while to forgo the unimportant phone calls and emails and, if necessary, to consciously distract yourself from the problems at home (which will wait for you anyway or might even resolve themselves while you are gone). This way everyone has more patience with their partners, which will be uplifting for the relationship.

A little openness does wonders to the relationship…

Everyone acts a little differently while on vacation compared to their day-to-day selves and sometimes hidden qualities may emerge, such as openness, which, according to research, is the most prominent.

This isn’t surprising, considering that in a foreign and interesting place most people don’t wall themselves off from the surrounding world, in fact, they pay attention to details in a way that should be practiced at home as well.

Openness is not only about noticing and appreciating street musicians of course, nor admiring the wondrous buildings and nature’s harmony, it also extends to your relationship.

This means that during your retreat together you and your partner will be open to things that you might have been rejecting at home… With this you have reached a new level in your relationship.

…and just a touch more sensuality!
Since every minute of wellness retreats, vacationing and traveling is about the two of you, the limelight is on the relationship and that naturally means more time and opportunity to pamper one another.

If you have been a couple for a long time, you might only have a vague memory of what it’s like to snuggle in an exciting place, to be spontaneous or try new things. It’s about time to revitalize those memories!

The packages of our adult-friendly hotel were designed in such a way that choosing the right one for the kind of romantic mood you desire is easy.

Shared experiences strengthen the bond of a relationship.
It’s important for couples of every age in every relationship to gain experiences and it’s even better if these impulses are obeyed together.

Memories like these last for a long time, they recharge you with positive energy and it goes even deeper if they are also tied to a loved one.

Because of this it’s very lucky when your field of interests is shared with your partner, if you both love to travel and explore new lands, it’s likely that you will dive into new adventures with the same excitement.

This gives your relationship a direction and may bring the couple closer together.

Now you can find out for yourself…

Since spending quality time together, especially taken out of the context of daily life, reveals how well attuned you are to one another or if getting used to one another has opened a gap between you two, a vacation can absolutely show you just how much you love each other. This can greatly improve how you overcome obstacles at home, low points and emotional insecurity. A few romantic days alone together can strengthen that invisible bond between you, in fact, it might just make it indestructible.

Dear Madam, Entice your partner to join you for a few romantic days together in our hotel and relive the beginning of your relationship.

Dear Sir, Surprise your beloved with an unexpected trip to the paradise of romance and untroubled relaxation. We await your arrival in the Duna Relax & Event Hotel in Ráckeve!


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