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During our childhood it never occurred to our parents to go off vacationing without us and wellness resorts were not always among the most conventional destinations. While our grandparents happily volunteered to take care of us when needed, we also enjoyed hanging out with the kids vacationing in granny’s neighborhood. Nowadays however, parents work so much that they barely see each other, so more and more parents would love to go away to relax with just the two of them. A lot of times this isn’t easy to do, because they feel guilty for leaving the kids alone and it also might mean arousing disapproval in the mother-in-law, or perhaps in the neighbor or in friends. What could possibly be a good solution?

Besides, there are as many life situations as there are couples. It could be that this is the first time you can relax together alone since your first baby was born and you might not even have noticed that there hasn’t been a single day that was just about you two. Maybe another baby followed since then and there isn’t any time left for your partner?

Every human relationship, including marriages, can wither away from a lack of time, therefore it’s important to devote enough time to your partner, and to yourself as well, of course. It’s about time to reward yourselves and each other day by day with a little extra time and of course, with a few days of truly adult relaxation a few times a year.

It is very important that one not only see Mom and Dad in each other, but also man and woman. To achieve this, shared experiences are needed. Trips like these strengthen relationships and it also has a good effect on the kids when they get back parents who are well rested, patient and in a good mood.

In this kind of situation a wellness weekend is a good choice for a relaxation getaway, even parents need to “practice” getting away from the kids for the first time.

Parents leave home with lighter hearts and can ease into getting R&R more smoothly when they know that their kids aren’t too far away.

For couples like this, the Duna Relax & Event Hotel in Ráckeve is the perfect choice. The hotel, only around 50 kilometers (30 miles) out of Budapest, offers a great opportunity for recreation and recharge time for new parents so that together they may relive those experiences that are hard to come by with kids.

After all, who would watch the kids on the river bank while you go on a canoe trip alone together?

What a woman wants: to give herself over to a couple’s massage without having to think about where the kids are roaming, to go on a romantic walk and discover the beauty of the area with her partner, to have romantic candlelit dinners alone together for which there never was enough time since so long.

What a man wants: to morph from being Dad back into the “suitor” once again, to be alone with the lady of his dreams and not just have a little intimate time together after the kids are put to bed, to relax by doing some sports which doesn’t involve balancing a tricycle under the kids, but rather which involves rolling around the lush, green hills of the region with his partner.

What both of them want: a yummy breakfast in bed together prepared by someone else and a romantic evening bath alone together at the wellness.

Alone together! This is the operative term. Our hotel, which could have been designed for you, is a perfect choice for an unforgettable wellness retreat to spend ALONE TOGETHER!


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