Together for the First Time – The First Mini Vacation

Először kettesben - az első mini vakáció

The first vacation is always a “challenge” for new lovers, but if they get it right, they can have fantastically happy days ahead of them.

When the summer season approaches most people take time off and they make plans to go somewhere for this year’s vacation. Luckily, there is room for a few days of relaxation at a wellness weekend here and there during the year, too. This pleasant task can be quite a challenge in the relationship for those couples who just got together; after all, spending a week in each other’s company is as good as moving together.
To make sure that the vacation days aren’t filled with arguments, only a few minor compromises need be made.

The first, which may be the most important, is that each person should give each other space. Take some alone time or spend a little time with others. Of course, we’re only talking about a few minutes, for example, there is no need for both of you to go to the reception, or your sweetheart might go ahead to take a swim while you run back up to the room for the sunglasses.

Much more important than the vacation is to pay attention to each other’s needs. Some people enjoy seeing the sights in the city, while others would prefer to spend the day sunbathing. Luckily, for new couples this isn’t a problem, since they are happy to spend time together with their partners.
It doesn’t pose a problem even if the couple’s field of interests differ, in fact, there even more vivid activities awaiting you if you favor your partner with an activity to their liking on one day and one to yours the next. This way R&R in peace and harmony is guaranteed for you and your partner as well as happy times ahead.

The same thing can be said about habits, too, since everyone has their own vacation routine. For example, one person might not unpack their suitcase while someone else does the opposite. The point is that things like this shouldn’t be the cause of arguments, it’s difficult for people to cast off their habits.

Simply enjoy every moment and the beauty of your first vacation together, because these experiences will be a feature of your memories for a long time.

Since it’s likely that you haven’t spent such a long time under one roof together, it can happen that you discover a habit your partner has that you didn’t know about before. We recommend keeping an open mind when respecting one another and each other’s habits even when faced with this.

If one nurtures unrealistic expectations before even beginning the trip, then disappointment and a tense mood are sure to follow. It could happen at any time that there are torrential rains every day, but instead of settling for gloom and despondency, this offers an opportunity to discover traits and abilities of your partner that you haven’t encountered yet on previous dates.

However, the Duna Relax & Event Hotel always offers activities, whether it be winter or summer, sunny or rainy, that are the most fun when done together.

What would you say to a bicycle tour nearby, for which we would provide a basket with sandwiches, cool drinks and fruits, a blanket and binoculars together with the bikes?

Or would you prefer a romantic boating on the gently rippling waters of the Danube?

Would you try your hand at creating something together?  A mandala made by the two of you reflects the harmony between you.

Whichever activity you choose to do with us during the wondrous days of your first holiday together, the important thing is that you can finally be alone together, tucked away from the noise of the world. Surely neither of you will be able to resist a night of candlelit bathing!


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