Ancient Roman Wellness

Step into our wellness empire that invokes ancient Roman bath houses and begin a time traveling journey into the cheerful and carefree amusements of the opulent Roman aristocracy. Not only will magical long gone times come alive again, but you will also be a part of it, you can be the high lord or high lady of the empire. It is surprising and interesting how wellness in its original form was already known to the ancient Romans, since they built their “baths” to refresh themselves physically and spiritually. In the cold and hot water baths, steam baths and sudatoriums of the balneaticum, the Romans enjoyed relaxing and carefree hours.

To complete the bathing, guests kneaded their bodies, scented oils were rubbed onto their bodies before they got dressed and after spending a few pleasant hours in the bath house, they got home to dine on their evening meals with a healthy appetite.

Of course everyone conducted their bathing in a manner to their liking, many believed that it was beneficial to their health if they exposed their bodies to sudden temperature changes and thus went from hot to cold water or cold to hot until they felt it was enough.

Do you know what tepidarium, frigidarium and caldarium means?

Learn their meaning through experiencing them right away!

While making use of the ancient Roman wellness part of our hotel, you will feel as though you are a new person, because an important part of maintaining your health involves taking an aroma bath or a scented massage every day. We recommend it for anyone who desire something a little more exciting than a traditional wellness experience.

The tepidarium (warm bath in a warm room, it comes from the Latin word tepidus = warm) A warm room that is gentle on the circulation and serves as a place to regenerate between cold and hot baths. (The temperature of the room is between 37 and 39°C (98 and 102°F)). Remaining in rooms such as these generally have a stress-relieving effect and the amount of time spent there had no limits.

The caldarium (hot bath, it comes from the Latin word calidus = hot) sometimes was called a steam room or aroma steam bath. One of the characteristics of the caldarium was its high humidity concentration (sometimes it reached 100%), radiating heat between 42 and 50°C (108 and 122°F) for a good sweat. Just as in the tepidarium, the warmth rebounds evenly off of the ceramic or terracotta tile walls, floors and ceilings. The ideal time period to remain within this room was between 30 and 40 minutes. (Today’s heating systems are more modern and heat the room more efficiently, therefore a shorter time is recommended.)

The laconium (possibly named for the Laconian people) is counted as in intense room. At a steady temperature of 55 to 65°C (131 to 149°F), the body will begin to sweat heavily after 15 minutes at most. At the longest one could remain for an hour in this room. This place is the ancestor of the modern sauna. Today the thermal load is also higher in this room, so a shorter time spent in there is recommended.

The frigidarium (cold bath, it comes from the Latin word frigidus = cold) is a cold room, or cold bath. Remaining in this room serves the purpose of revitalizing yourself following a longer stay in a room that radiates heat (in the steam room or sauna). Medically speaking, the transition from a warm or hot environment into a cool climate plays an important role in your health.

Now let’s see what other pampering and refreshing services await you between the walls of our empire of ancient Roman wellness!

Swimming pool

It is 18 meters (59 ft) long and 138 cm (54 in) deep with a constant temperature of 26°C (79°F), which is an excellent choice for both swimming and refreshing yourself.

Bubble bath

The cheerful and tickling bubbles pearling along the warm waters and the massaging water jets to relax the muscles are not only relaxing in the company of family or friends, but they are also joyful parts of wellness days.

Hydro massage, Jacuzzi

On the highest level, it has a water temperature of 33°C, or 91°F.

Enjoy the effects of the hydro massage and the jacuzzi in the pool on the middle level of the pool building. The visual effects and experience creating features of the pool function automatically in intervals of 3 minutes.

Tea bar

Detoxification is the most effective when paired with sufficient hydration. Choose from our selection of herbs and make some herbal tea. Drink as much as you like, there are no constraints on quantity.

Sudatorium = steam bath

What sets the steam bath apart from other baths is the temperature levels and the humidity. When used properly, steam bath effectively dissolves stress, relaxes, refreshes and improves your general physical and mental well-being. Although the conditions in a steam bath are different than those in a sauna, it can also be considered a “sweat bath” which not only has relaxing and revitalizing effects, but is also good for your health, along with rejuvenating the skin. It is most effective when the temperatures are between 43-46°C (109-115°F) at a relative humidity level between 80-100%. Apart from being extremely pleasant and relaxing (almost to the point of being mind-altering) at appropriate temperatures and duration, it also has a profoundly beneficial effect on health. Steam is also an excellent treatment for respiratory illnesses common in winter, such as soar throat, coughing or cold, and even rheumatic symptoms can be alleviated with it. Thanks to the high humidity and temperature, the steam bath is also effective in treating the following illnesses: asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, hoarseness, soar throat, (chronic) rheumatic symptoms, joint pains and stiffness of joints. Additionally, it is recommended for those suffering from insomnia, it reduces muscle tension and of course helps reduce sensitivity to sudden temperature changes and thereby become resistant to catching colds in spring or fall. One of the greatest advantages of the steam bath is its positive effect on the skin, which women in particular can appreciate.

Waterwell pool

Only to be used after taking a shower! The waterwell pool has an intense pore and vein constricting effect next to an appropriately cooling water ~ 16-18°C (61-64°F). Its beneficial effects: It offers a great opportunity to exercise the veins and is excellent for arteriolosclerosis treatment and prevention. Exercise of the veins is achieved by their expansion in the sauna, followed by sudden constriction from cold water. Other information: it is imperative that you not float still in cold water, always move your arms and legs slowly. You can cool down quickly in the waterwell pool, thus it is important to pay attention. Take another shower to wash off the chemically treated water before returning to the sauna.

Finnish sauna

With our qualified sauna experts and the application of special infusions, which serves the purpose of harmonizing the body and soul.

Pedicure and manicure

Well-kept hands and feet are essential parts of a perfect appearance. These parts of your body require more hydration and care following bathing and being on the beach in the summer, but also during the other seasons of the year. There is practically no better time to magically beautify your hands and feet than during days spent in a wellness. Lean back comfortably and enjoy as our professional manicurists / pedicurists “enchant” your feet to be silky-soft and your nails to be shiny within minutes with their practiced motions.

Our Outdoor Services:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with experience creating features;
  • A pool that deepens like a seashore;
  • A water bar;
  • Sunbathing pavilions;
  • Sunbathing terraces.