Supplementary Packages

Make your vacation special, get a lasting experience for your loved ones! You can expand your reservation with our premium additions on our online booking interface!

The Proposal Exclusive Plus

Ask the lady of your dreams’ hand in marriage in our romantic wellness hotel in Ráckeve!

Romantic strolls on the Danube’s bank, tête-à-tête picnics, love with sparks flying and plans for life, days sweet as nectar spent in an exquisite little hotel… If you feel that you have found the woman of your dreams and if a lifetime wouldn’t be long enough to absorb her beauty and kindness, don’t hesitate to ask her hand in marriage. Life is most delightful as a couple. Many opportunities will present themselves while you’re with us to propose the question that will enrich both of your lives.

The Supplementary Danube Bank Romance Package

Adult-friendly hotel on the bank of the Danube in Ráckeve for those who seek experiences and adventures.

Do you desire spending a few special, restful and romantic days with your beloved in an enchanting place that’s near yet transports you far away from everyday life? Would you take a magical time travel on the wings of romance? No passports are needed for this journey, you can leave them tucked away.

The Island of Experiences Exclusive Plus

We will pamper you and your partner with a deluge of experiences in our wellness hotel

Do you love every pleasure life has to offer and is it about time for a little extra R&R? Let us pamper you. If you enjoy exceptional moments, elegance, intimacy, majestic comfort and zesty foods, all of which are spiced with a touch of luxury, then our hotel, located in a wondrous environment, has a special package offer for you. Eat a lavish breakfast in bed with champagne with your partner in a romantic setting as an excellent beginning to your day. During the day enjoy the ancient Roman wellness empire’s pampering services and visit the famous Savoy Castle. And at dinner time you will immediately spot the elegant candlelit table especially prepared for you and your partner in the coziest corner of our elegant restaurant.

Harmony Grove Exclusive Plus

Indulge in romance with your loved one in our Harmony Grove! Gift your partner with the experience of heavenly relaxation and fabulous harmony, let yourselves float on the gentle wings of love in every moment spent with us. Tune into each other and pamper your senses with our special massages, treatments, and the services of our adventure pool. When you retreat to the privacy of your room, for romantic hours filled with sweet touches, soft whispers, and delicate delights in the intimate realm, you'll easily tune into the sensual waves of heavenly harmony.
Enjoy our Harmony Grove supplementary package designed for couples with your loved one in the elegant ambiance of our Danube-side hotel!

Sweet Temptation Exclusive Plus

Sweet Temptation - Experiences Together!

We invite you and your partner to a fantasy-inducing, sweet temptation in our beautiful hotel, located on the gently rippling blue Danube shore, offering unforgettable romantic days for you and your loved one. Surprise your heart's chosen one and spend intoxicating days together at the Duna Relax Hotel. It's impossible to resist our senses-stimulating, truly sweet arrangement, just like a piece of softly melting chocolate.

Welcome to the heavenly realm of sweet temptation!

Enjoy our Sweet Temptation supplementary package designed for couples with your loved one in the elegant ambiance of our Danube-side hotel.

Remarkable Days Exclusive Plus

Celebrate special occasions in our hotel in Ráckeve! Is a birthday approaching? Or are you dreaming of a name-day celebration for two? Perhaps a colleague or family member is preparing for retirement? Gift the celebrant with a special "time travel" experience to our antique Roman wellness empire. You don't even need to bring a passport, yet we'll transport you far and wide, back to ancient times on the wings of time. We recommend our Remarkable Days package to you. A few carefree days spent together, where you can harmonize with each other, relax, and enjoy the cavalcade of the sweet pleasures of life, is an experience in itself. Celebrate royally, be the lords and ladies of this magical place, and enjoy the luxurious life of ancient Rome's aristocracy.

You can spend every moment of the special occasion with your loved one!

Vital Exclusive Plus

Vital Days! Refreshing wellness relaxation with health programs.

Surely you also feel sometimes in the rush of everyday life that your energy is running low, and your patience is wearing thin. A little refreshment, relaxation, and pampering would be fantastic. At times like these, we dream of a magical vitamin boost to experience this heightened period with even more energy. But you deserve more than just a simple vitamin boost. Cast away your burdens and refresh yourself at the Duna Relax Hotel!

We have put together a refreshing variety of revitalizing programs.

With us, the proximity to nature, diverse cuisine, wellness treatments, exercise programs, personal consultations, personalized exercise, nutrition, and dressing guidelines, as well as exciting specialties such as finding our energizing colors, are all part of the wellness experience. Our offerings focus on creating inner harmony, with activities such as yoga, meditation, stress relief, and mandala-making, alongside strengthening our physical condition with Chi Kung exercises, stretching routines, and taking advantage of the pleasant environment of water - one of our guests' favorite programs - with dynamic yet light aqua fitness exercises.

Vital is without a doubt one of our most popular supplementary packages.

Cultural Excursions Exclusive Plus

Embark on an adventure in Ráckeve, uncovering the beauty of wellness and the city! Discover the countless secrets of the picturesque Danube-side town, its marvelous buildings, statues, and through them, its adventurous stories. Did you know that the city was inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age? After the Hungarian conquest, the entire Csepel Island, including the area of Ráckeve, became the residence of the princely tribe. In 1440, Serbian refugees fleeing from the Turks settled here, and in the 16th century, it fell under Turkish rule, later welcoming German settlers. Numerous ethnic groups lived here, imprinting their culture, customs, and traditions on the town, making today's Ráckeve colorful, diverse, and unique.

On this cultural trail, you can wander with our tour guide to the sights and attractions of Ráckeve, and hear their captivating stories with enthusiasm. During your journey, you can learn about the story of John of Nepomuk, who inspired the character of János Vitéz (John the Valiant) in the poem, and visit the country's only functioning boat mill. Museums, art galleries, romantic streets with hidden statues, and countless sights await you on the Cultural Excursions!